10 Interesting Jenny Saville Facts

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Get the fascinating information about Jenny Saville facts here. Jenny Saville is a famous painter. Her works receive critical acclaim all over the world. Many people also link her with the Young British Artist. Here are the interesting facts about Jenny Saville:

Jenny Saville Facts 1: education

Let’s talk about the education of Jenny Saville. She was enrolled to Lilley and Stone School. Now people know this school with a new name of The Grove School Specialist Science College in Newark. She got a degree from Glasgow School of Art.

Jenny Saville Facts 2: University of Cincinnati

Saville was very lucky because she could go to University of Cincinnati.  She did not have to pay the school fee for she got a six month scholarship.

Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville Facts 3: Charles Saatchi

It seems that Charles Saatchi is one of the important men in her career. Her senior show was purchased by him. Charles Saatchi is the famous British art collector.

Jenny Saville Facts 4: Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi has a gallery located in London. It is called Saatchi Gallery. Saville is offered by Saatchi with an 18 month contract. Her new works were displayed on his gallery.

Jenny Saville facts

Jenny Saville facts

Jenny Saville Facts 5: public recognition

It is very easy for Saville to get the public recognition after she did the exhibition in Saatchi gallery. People always know her as an artist who uses the figure painting on the artistic works.

Jenny Saville Facts 6: traditional style

Her arts are unique even though she chooses the traditional style. The figure painting in her arts was reinvented to tell the art history. That’s why many people are amazed with her.

Jenny Saville Nude Painting

Jenny Saville Nude Painting

Jenny Saville Facts 7: Young British Artist

People consider Jenny Saville as a Young British Artist. She emerges as a good artist who exposes the nude women on her large scale paintings.

Jenny Saville Facts 8: feminist

Most of her works present feminism. You can see the faceless women who have vast bodies. The inspiration of the body in the painting was collected from her study in America.

Jenny Saville Painting

Jenny Saville Painting

Jenny Saville Facts 9: studying in US

As I have stated before, Saville got the scholarship to study in the University of Cincinnati. There, she was obsessed with human body. There is no need to wonder that she uses human body as the main subject in her artwork.

Jenny Saville Facts 10: plastic surgery operations

One of the interesting subjects of Saville’s art is the plastic surgery operation. To create a wonderful painting about surgeon mark on plastic surgery operation, she has to spend a lot of time to observe the mark.

Jenny Saville Pic

Jenny Saville Pic

Most of her paintings come in large scale. It is very interesting to know the figure oil painting by Saville in some galleries in London. Are you inspired with facts about Jenny Saville?

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